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Global events have driven the dramatic shift to our new patterns of working life. Behavioural change that would have taken decades has been compressed into months, and the workplace environment needs to adapt to stay relevant.

As a response both human and technological aspects need to be constantly re-aligned to ensure the workplace balances efficiency, well-being and productivity. Alongside this are the essential commercial considerations of real estate strategy and resultant space design that have become .


TDN prides itself on the design and delivery of leading edge workplace design, reflecting best practice as outlined by the IWBI & other standard setters. We have staff who are accredited in well building, as WELL AP.

This has been at the core of our business through three decades.

We have supported organisations at each end of the scale, from startup organisations through to established global corporate organisations, with many thousands of employees.

We have also collaborated in the deployment of new work cultures to organisations around The Globe: across the Americas, EMEA and AsiaPac.                                     


We seek to explore the expectations of our Clients as thoroughly as possible.
Exploring the metrics of the organisation gives an objective viewpoint to be balanced against interviews with user group representatives across the workplace.
Understanding the culture of the business and grasping the future vision is essential inorder to ensure the workplace continues to be a key enabler for the business in the mid to long term.
Our multi-disciplinary skill base ensures we ask the questions and investigate the parameters needed to table concepts that will deliver a holistic environment, carefully considered from both spatial and environmental perspectives.
The aim is to ensure people and business performance aspects are given equal footing.
We would expect to see a clear space budget established at this point, and a leadership consensus on workplace strategy, which will outline whether an 'agile' approach is to be established, or whether there are more bespoke, or allocated solutions that fit the business model and scale.

Design Development





No two clients and their briefs are the same.


Therefore our methodology for engaging with each will be tailored to the experience and the values of each client.

Typically having established the employers requirements inclusive of workplace strategy, we will test the metrics and the fit of the floor space and evolve an agreed outline design through a series of forums. This may take the form of structured workshops or more focused leadership review.

Tools for development are typically 2D and 3D CAD, and as appropriate utilising BIM.


We also undertake our own in house CGI visualisations to support the design development as well as to assist the change management communication process. 

We have a deep and objective understanding of the furniture and fitout market and will develop scheme specifications tailored to the best business fit.

Our process for developing the workplace design is typically in accord with the RIBA plan of work.

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GSK _0046 Panorama
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Collaborative breakout
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democratic leadership environment
GSK _0052
connective stair for encouraging vertical movement
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b11 coffee



Post Occupancy

Once the build team have departed and the built environment starts its new life, the space will be on a life journey.

To ensure the Workplace continues to perform and support it's occupants it is imperative to monitor its evolution and to support those in charge of the day to day running.

TDN have expertise in post occupancy support. This will take the form of utilisation studies, and trouble shooting workplace and environmental issues.

TDN also have approaching 30 years of experience in supporting Facilities management through the ongoing design development, design support through space churn exercises, drawing record database and survey support including area measures, asset recording, etc.




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